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    Discrete, elegant and durable acrylic displays

    Show your business in a professional light. Discover our selection of acrylic displays!

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    In a world constantly vying for a consumer’s attention, it is increasingly difficult to stand out. If your message is not properly presented, it will be lost in the flood of information.

    Your business has invested considerable time and effort into building its brand image. What better way to showcase it than in an elegant and discrete acrylic display made in Quebec.

    Groupe PolyAlto offers a variety of high quality, long-lasting document displays, adapted for many uses.

    Discover our line of clear acrylic displays for advertising or signage. Whether you wish to professionally present your brochures, preserve valuable books or protect fragile objects, we have the solution you need.


    Show your business in a professional light. Discover our selection of acrylic displays!

    • Menu holder
    Our clear acrylic menu holder is available in three standard sizes (4 x 6, 5 x 7 and 8.5 x 11). Perfect for bars, cafés, inns, bistros, restaurants and any other place you would like to display your menu.

    • Brochure holder
    Our clear acrylic tabletop and countertop brochure holders can hold 3.5 inches of documents. Recommended for stores, restaurants, hotels or any other place you would like to display your brochures.

    • Wall mount sign holder
    Our wall mount sign holder comes in a variety of formats. Ideal for posting advertising, messages and signs.

    • Suggestion box or donation box
    This clear acrylic box can be used as a suggestion box. Or order the model with a sign holder at the back to spark interest in your charity work or promotional contest.

    • Card holder
    This elegant card holder can be used to display business cards at your reception desk, in your booth at events or in your retail space.

    • Desktop or wall mount name holder
    Optimize your signage with this versatile desktop or wall mount name holder. Ideal for office spaces.


    Can’t find the model you need?

    Custom manufacturing provides endless possibilities. Anything is possible, in thousands of units.

    Our displays come in a range of the most in-demand standard sizes.

    We can also design and manufacture custom displays tailored to your specifications.
    Click here to know more!

    Whether your needs are modest or immense, Groupe Polyalto offers the custom plastic solutions you are looking for. From ordering through manufacturing and delivery, we are there for you every step of the way.

    Click here to download our French catalogue of stationery products. (PDF)

    If you can’t find what you need, contact one of our experts, who will help you obtain the perfect acrylic accessory. Put us to the test. We enjoy a challenge!


    Keep your plastic surfaces glossy by using adapted cleaning products and following these recommendations:

    1. Do not use cleaners that contain ammonia, solvents or alcohol that can damage acrylic and polycarbonate.
    2. Use a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust from the surface. Avoid using your hand or a dry cloth.
    3. Once the surface is clean, spray with a mild soap.
    4. Use lint-free, non-abrasive, absorbent cloths to wipe the surface.
    5. Pass these tips on to your maintenance team.

    Consult the list of plastic-maintenance products available at Groupe PolyAlto.




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