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    The Durability of a Vehicle Wrapping

    Vinyl film designed for car wrapping is a great option to customize your vehicle and get unique finishes and a distinctive look. As mentioned in our previous article on vehicle wrap, vinyl graphic films offer many advantages. However, there are still some aspects to pay particular attention, such as the durability of a vehicle wrapping. It is not easy to answer the question of expected durability of a wrap, because in fact, it will vary greatly depending on several factors.

    Factors Influencing the Durability of a Vehicle Wrapping:

    • Finish of the vinyl film
    • Quality of vinyl film
    • Exposure to the sun and UV rays
    • Quality of vinyl film installation
    • Vehicle maintenance (cleaning every 2 weeks)
    • Vehicle use (recreational or professional)
    • Parking location of the vehicle (in the shade or in the sun, indoors or outdoors)
    • Geographical area (climate, temperature, altitude)
    • How often the vehicle is used

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    Does a Vinyl Film degrade evenly?

    Although the vinyl film is evenly installed on the vehicle, it should be taken into account that some sections will be exposed to greater stresses. Durability of vertical sections will be greater than horizontal sections, such as the hood and roof of the vehicle. By being directly exposed, the hood and roof will be affected by UV rays much more, reducing their durability.

    Generally speaking, vinyl film that is constantly exposed to UV rays when the vehicle is parked outside may degrade much more rapidly. It can be expected to keep its finish for about 2 years. However, with proper maintenance, it will be possible to significantly improve the durability of the wrapping film. Click here to discover tips that maximize the durability of your wrap.

    Avery Dennison, a world leader in graphic films, has developed a Durability Chart based on two characteristics: geographical area and type of vinyl film. In general, it can be said that the durability for vehicle wrapping in Canada (Zone 1 - the least damaging for wraps) is very good.

    For vinyl film from the SW900 Colors Series (the most durable series), expected durability from Avery Dennison is up to 10 years for vertical sections and up to 2 years for non-vertical sections.



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