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    Bulk Material Transportation: 4 Reasons to Choose Plastic Liners

    The exploitation of natural resources is one of the most demanding fields, where particular attention must be given to the maintenance of equipment and infrastructure to alleviate the wear caused by extreme conditions. It is therefore crucial to choose high-performance materials, especially those well suited to these types of environments. In this article, we will explain the 4 main reasons to choose high-performance polymers in the mining sector and other natural resources exploitation sectors.


    1.Noise reduction

    noise (1)The transportation of bulk materials can generate high levels of noise, especially when said material falls from a metal chute onto a conveyor system. In this case, plastic liners will not only absorb impacts but also prevent materials from directly hitting the metal walls of the chute or conveyor. For extreme environments such as mines, UHMW TIVAR 88-2 is used for its excellent mechanical properties, resistance to wear and ability to absorb impacts. Tivar 88-2 can be welded, which means it can be used to cover large surfaces. Welding will also prevent materials from becoming lodged under the lining. Plastics in the UHMW family are often used for these types of applications. Covering metal surfaces with UHMW liners can reduce impacts and friction noise by 20 dBA.

    To learn more about the impacts of noise, see our article: The Impact of Workplace Noise

    2.Equipment protection

    secure (4)It is essential to conduct regular maintenance on machinery, conveyor systems and manufacturing equipment. This is where sacrificial or wear parts come into play. Wear parts are specifically designed to protect both the surface on which it is affixed and the materials it comes into contact with. As the name suggests, this part is made to absorb stress and friction and is easily replaced when worn off, leaving the metal surface intact and free of wear. In short, UHMW liners avoid costly repairs while maximizing the service life of conveyor systems.

    3.Friction reduction

    solutions (3)-pngPlastic liners have a lower coefficient of friction than the metal surfaces on which they are attached. UHMWs are an efficient and versatile solution to reduce the friction in conveyor systems, as they absorb shocks and impacts while facilitating sliding.

    4.Improved efficiency

    High-performance plastic liners optimize bulk material transportation by promoting uniform flow and avoiding premature wear of the metal walls of a chute. Polymers from the UHMW family are ideal for liners, as they prevent delays caused by uneven flow.

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