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    5 advantages of using TIVAR® 88, a high-performance UHWM

    TIVAR® 88 is used in numerous industries and prized for its excellent mechanical properties and resistance to various stresses. Easy to recognize thanks to its dark blue colour, this high-performance plastic is ideal for extreme environments, as it contains additives added directly to its resin. In this article, we will discuss the 5 main advantages of TIVAR® 88 as well as its most common applications.

    1. High resistance to abrasion and impacts

    TIVAR® 88 is a UHMW that contains a glass additive, which provides superior resistance to wear. For applications where friction is a major concern, TIVAR® 88 helps protect the surface to which it's attached and facilitates the flow of materials through chutes.

    For more information on how to reduce noise using UHMW liners, click here.


    2. Lightweight and highly efficient

    In addition to its excellent mechanical properties, TIVAR® 88 is also a very light material. In fact, it’s nearly 90% lighter than steel.

    Plastics can provide an interesting solution when weight must be taken into account. To learn more about the weight of plastics, see our article: The weight of plastics: Combining performance and lightness.

    3. Weldable

    Grade 88-2 is known for being easy to weld, which allows for larger custom projects. In the mining industry, TIVAR® 88 is a preferred material for high-performance liners because of this feature. This characteristic also reduces the risk of material infiltration, for example between the liner and walls of a chute, thus increasing the efficiency and the service life of the equipment.

    4. Low coefficient of friction

    TIVAR® 88 possesses an extremely low dynamic coefficient of friction (0.08), making its surface so smooth that nothing sticks to it. This advantage facilitates the transportation of bulk material by promoting uniform flow in chutes and conveyors while reducing the risk of clogging at critical points.

    5. Excellent thermal resistance

    TIVAR® 88 can be used in a broad range of temperatures, from -200 °C to 80 °C. It's therefore a material of choice for environments that reach continuous temperatures of up to 80 °C. It's also frequently used in the manufacturing of scraper knives, as it performs well even at low temperatures.

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    TIVAR® 88 applications

    Overall, TIVAR® 88 is an ideal solution for applications requiring superior mechanical properties. For more specialized needs, other grades are also available, including BurnGuard (flame retardant, UL94 V-0) and the ESD antistatic grade.

    TIVAR® 88 is frequently used to manufacture:

    • Chute and conveyor liners
    • Impact absorbing and noise reducing liners
    • Truck bed liners
    • Wear strips
    • Chain guides
    • Impact absorbing plates
    • Scraper blades
    • And more

    Discover concrete applications where TIVAR 88 provides optimal performance by checking out our article: 5 applications of TIVAR® 88.

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